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KNC Neptune 3.3 TH+ BTC Miner 20nm


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The Neptune is a formidable technological achievement. It is the first commercially available 20 nanometer processor shipped to end users, for any application. KnCMiner can take pride in beating all competitors to the 20nm stage.

  • Minimum 3000GH/s of hashing speed, that's 3TH/s - over 5 times the speed of our first Jupiter release.
  • Delivering 30% reduction in watts per GH.
  • Most full stock Neptunes deliver around 3.3-3.5 TH/s on average over a 48 hour period, while consuming around 1950 watts at the wall (we guarantee 3+TH/s).
  • Users of Neptune are reporting an average of 0.57 watts per GH/s with stock PSU:s. With specialized setups that number can be lowered ever further, some customers report figures around 0.4 watts per GH/s.
  • Delivered as a modular design. Each Neptune consists of 5 chip boxes + 1 controller card box.
  • Includes LCD-display on controller card, displaying current hashing speed and IP adress.
  • Bitcoin's first ever 20nm miner brought to you from the company who shipped the first 28nm bitcoin miner.
  • Power supplies not included.

At Our Farm

  • 1-Year Contract = 649 USD
  • Miner Earning = 0.00399863 BTC / Week
  • Power Cost = 0.00173076 BTC / Week
  • Total Costing in USD = 649 USD
    Total Costing in BTC = 0.101062 BTC
    Calculation = Miner Earning - Total Cost
    = 0.2085 BTC - 0.09 BTC
    Yearly Earning = 0.1185 BTC
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Test Plan

  • 1-Year Contract = 649 USD
    ( 100 Share )
  • Price = 6.49 USD
  • Price = 0.001011 BTC
  • 1 Share Earning / Week = 0.0000227260 BTC
  • 12 Month Earning with 1 share = 0.001181753 BTC
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Details on Neptune and Neptune Cube:

Each ”Neptune” consists of 5 chip boxes + 1 controller card box. We call the single module box a ”Neptune Cube”.

Each Neptune consists of five 20nm chips, each chip comes in a sturdy enclosure and packaging, including fan cooling.

Using the speed offered by a true 20nm die process each full Neptune (5 Neptune Cubes) churns out more than 3 TH/s while consuming approx. 2.1 KW at the wall.

That works out to 0,7 watts per GH/s or less.

Updated (July 1, 2014) power requirement numbers are here.

In reality most full stock Neptunes deliver 3.3-3.5 TH/s while consuming approx. 1950 watts at-the-wall (which equals approx. 0.57 watts per GH/s.).


The recommended PSU set up per Neptune is 3 x 850w (for instance Cooler Master V850). There's one 6-pin connector per Cube, and there's 5 Cubes altogether on a Neptune, plus a controller board in it's own box. They can all draw their power from 3 x 850w PSU:s (connecting max two Neptune Cubes per 850w PSU).

The PSU PCIe-connector has to be a 45750 Mini-Fit® Plus HCS Crimp Terminal Crimped to 16 AWG wire. Each Neptune Cube uses a high-quality PCI-E-type connection and draws approximately 300-400 watts at it’s port, depending on firmware settings and updates (subject to change).

These ports are fan-cooled and can handle the power (rated 13A), but make sure you’re using high-quality PSU:s, connectors and cables. Be careful when inserting and removing connectors as wear and tear may damage connectors. The act of inserting/removing cable connectors into ports degrades connection surfaces every time it’s done and should be minimized.

It’s possible to lower the total power consumption using higher-quality or specialized setups.

We’re optimizing Neptune’s firmware and some of the figures here may change slightly due to updates as we’re fine-tuning for best possible performance.

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